Industry Breakthrough

Turbo Tank®

Industry Breakthrough Multiplies Seal Life and Costs
Less than Most Seals!

The Turbo Tank®

The Turbo Tank is the easiest and most economical means to comply with environmental regulations on fugitive emissions, reduce water consumption and leakage, and improve health and safety for plant personnel.

The Turbo Tank double seal support system is another product developed by Bachus Inc. It is poised to participate in the impending global water shortage by recirculating and cooling double seal flush water. Most industrial pumps go into the maintenance shop because they are leaking through the mechanical seal. Most seal leakage is operations, or design induced. Equipment operators open and close valves to meter the flow through the pipes. Operators drain tank levels below the drain pipe and cause air to be drawn into the suction flow. Pumps are operated away from their best efficiency point. Operators are never taught to interpret the pump curve. Pumps rarely have adequate instrumentation installed to indicate efficiency. Pumps are starved (inadequate NPSHa) and this leads to vapor cavitation. These operational conditions stress the pump’s seals and other components and cause pre-mature failure. All these operational induced failures and problems are resolved by the TURBO TANK® mated to a standard double mechanical seal.

Click the following link for a downloadable PDF for the specifications for the TURBO TANK.

The Turbo Tank

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