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Larry writes, sometimes under his own name and sometimes as ‘The Pump Guy’. In recent years his column appeared in Flow Control Magazine, World Pumps Magazine, Mechanical Technology Magazine, Pumps and Systems Magazine, and to some 40,000 monthly newsletter subscribers. A few of The Pump Guy articles are available on our books/articles page. If you like the articles, you will love his books Know and Understand Centrifugal Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps and Everything You Need to Know About Pumps written in both English and Spanish versions (Bombas Centrífugas, y Todo lo que Necesita Saber Sobre Ellas)

Larry continues inventing products when not lecturing and consulting on pumps and pipe systems. As a 30-year member of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), most of Larry’s products find application in civil and mechanical engineering.


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A number of years ago, while working in a South American petrochemical plant, Larry encountered some premature pump failure, linked to the O-rings installed in the mechanical seals. In collaboration with some intelligent associates, Larry hit upon the seeds of the tool that broke the code on O-Ring identification. Larry developed the device that is today called the ORID®.

Years later, while working with pumps, this time in a paint factory, Larry realized that some pumps must, by design and circumstances, work under cavitating conditions. Most pump literature says to avoid cavitation and inadequate NPSH. This is somewhat like you doctor telling you to get 8-hours of sleep. Sometimes you can…and sometimes you can’t. Larry put together the prototype of the product that was to become the TURBO TANK®. The original TURBO TANK was made from a 5-gallon plastic bucket, a 12-volt battery, and an automobile windshield washer pump.

Today, the TURBO TANK® double mechanical seal support system, is poised to tackle the impending global water shortage in the chemical process industry. Some of the original TURBO TANKs are running more than 25 years with no seal failure, under obviously cavitating conditions. The successful TURBO TANK® is now in its seventh generation.

The Pump Guy

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